An impulsive, charismatic young bard


Viveka_2.jpegViveka is a young half-elf, though she often wears flamboyant hats or headbands to cover her slightly pointed ears. Her manner and clothing might best be described as colorful and eccentric. She carries a small travel harp.


Viveka hails from the city of Cenza, though she tends to be guarded about her family’s wealthy background as moneylenders, and currently considers herself estranged from the main part of her family.

Leaving behind both the wealth and the limitations of a high-powered mercantile family, Viveka fell in with a traveling groups of Gypsies, the “Lord’s Players”. She was quickly able to parlay her education and charisma into a role as one of the group’s many bards, albeit the most novice of the group. In addition to the mysteries of gypsy magic, Viveka learned much about folklore, myth, and the art of persuasion.

While Viveka’s charisma and good-nature quickly made her a favorite among the group, she had no real loyalty to their party and is always on the look out the next opportunity.


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